A Little Brighter Podcast
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We interview a seemingly ordinary person with a seemingly ordinary hobby and find the extraordinary love and passion that makes our world a little brighter.

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    Hunting for Tradition

    Jesse shares the lifestyle of hunting and those traditions passed down in his family.

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    Felted Button

    The BRILLIANT Susan Carlson, from "Felted Button", shares her love for designing patterns and takes us to a world where Crochet meets COLOR!

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    Take a Break

    Taking this week off but we hope you enjoy this preview snippet from Susan's episode releasing next week!

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    Tear-Down, Build-Up.

    Sometimes in life we have to be torn down and built back up to be fully restored. Micah dusts off the memories of restoring the GTO and the relationships he built.

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    Having The Fight

    Brielle shares her journey in becoming a competitive weightlifter.

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    Come Fly With Chase

    Chase shares his life long obsession with flying and being on the move.

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    We're Back for Season 2!

    Nicole and Jesika reminisce of season 1 then announce the release of season 2.

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    Farming Finale

    Jon connects his heritage to the present by caring for his family farm and sharing this special place with people he loves.

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    Grease Girl!

    Brooke gives us a glimpse into her teenage years being a professional motorcycle mechanic for her brothers.

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    Fun to RUN!

    Every day is a good day when Lori gets to run with her friends.

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    Hole in One Hobby

    Trever reflects on his first impression of golf being a woosy preppy sport to developing a passion for golf and professional skill level.

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    Saddle Up

    Hailey shares her experiences riding horses with her Grandma at Wayne Newton’s Ranch.

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    Goin' Wheelie Fast!

    Joshua shares his life long obsession with motorcycles going FAST!

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    Don't Fret

    Casey shares his motivation for playing guitar and providing for a young family.

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    The Grand Canyoneer

    Alison shares her passion for backpacking and breathtaking adventures with her husband Zach.

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    Surf. Skate. Shred.

    From the sunny beach to the snowy mountains, you can always find Tanner on a board.

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